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Emergency Contacts

General Safety Information
1. Always keep the National Health Insurance (NHI) IC Card with you, and taking care of your passport, alien resident certificate (A.R.C.), driver’s license and other certifications.
2. Drinking alcohol on campus and smoking in dormitory are prohibited.
3. Do not drive a scooter, a motorcycle or a motor without driver’s license.
General Emergency Procedures
Call Emergency Number: 119 (ambulance or fire), 110 (police)
1. Have the following information available:
     (a) Road name
     (b) Building name
     (c) Room number
2. If emergency involves an unconscious/injured person:
     (a) Ensure there is no danger to yourself nor  victim.
     (b) Do not move victim unless their life is in  danger.
     (c) Remain with victim until help arrives.
3. Inform your advisor, Department Chairperson, Campus Security Center (08-7740119), and/or the Office of International Affairs (08-7703202 ext. 6216, 6218)
     University Address:
     1, Shuefu Road, Neipu, Pingtung 912, Taiwan
Campus Security
     Security Guard Office at Main Entrance:
         08-7740156, 08-7703202 ext. 5041
     Campus Security Center:
        08-7740119, 08-77023202 ext. 7119
Police Stations
      Long-cyuan police station: 08-7741744
      Nei-pu police station: 08-7792018
     Long-cyuan Veterans Hospital: (08)770689
     Golden Hospital: (08)7223000
     Pingtung Christian Hospital: (08)7368686
Other Campus Services
          Dormitory Office:
             08-7740187,087703202 ext. 6472
          Student Counseling Center:
              08-7740123,08-7703202 ext. 7617-7619
           Health Center:
              08-7740176,08-7703202 ext. 7610